Timing and the American Gun Show

After announcing and opening the American Gun Show at Works SJ this weekend I have heard a few comments regarding the timing of the event. To explain this for those not up on the 24 hour news cycle in the US this is in response to the mass shooting that took place in Oregon on a community college campus on October 1st.

This is not a coincidence. That is not to say that we anticipated this heartbreaking event, but that there have been as many mass shootings in the US as there have been weeks this year. This is a tragedy, there is no time to talk about gun culture and gun violence without the specter of a mass killing to provide context. This is a national tragedy, and something needs to be done about this, but somehow I doubt the American people have the political will to do so. I would have expected swift action after the Sandy Hook tragedy, but there was none, and now with the tragedy of the week I am afraid that this has become the new normal. By normal I do not mean acceptable, but rather predictable. Watch the headlines and wait.

When we curated this show it was to talk about the deep cultural roots and representation of the gun in the American psyche, and in fact it seems that everyone has a gun story, good or bad. The sad truth is that both sides of the debate agree that we don’t want another massacre but because we are fighting what amounts to the other half of the population we can never figure out how to move forward. In the process of bringing this show together with my co-curator, I have experienced some of the most reasonable conversations with enthusiasts, and this makes the demonization that I am seeing in social media hard to deal with. If we don’t talk, this will never be addressed. If we fight each other and keep repeating “There is no reasoning with ‘them'” then there will be no conversation and the country will move on just like it did after 20 children were shot dead in 2012.

I have been paying attention too, which is to say that there sure are some steps that we might take, but this post is not about my opinions on that. We will not move forward if it is us against them, we have not moved forward.

Though this is an election year, all the noise is about hunkering down and getting the other side to give. I won’t even wish you luck with that one, you are however welcome to come to the table and have a conversation with other reasonable people.

I have been accused of being naive on this, that there is no way to make a change with talking (because “they” won’t listen), but my other option is to do nothing, and I opt for action and conversation.

New Arcade Record Prismic Shift 3.7 Billion


And a little vanity.

Igor came in early, relearned the game with a controller and we talked about the mechanics. When the designer showed up we talked about scoring and he continued to play. Rotating among the four arcade cabinets throughout the evening Igor smashed record after record and I asked him to take up the coin-op cabinet that has been at so many events. By the end of the evening, his last qualifying run had netted the top position and a new arcade cabinet record 3.7 billion. This beat Andrews record from California Extreme that had stood since mid July.

Congrats Igor on a well earned victory.

As a side note, I would say that this speaks volumes to the quality of the game that it can be mastered and even though the graphics are simple that it holds the interest of competitive gamers.

a visit from the mayor

Sam Liccardo visited our space at the Mini Maker Faire at History San José and was super supportive of all the projects. I managed to catch him with his game face on playing Danny Geisler & Pauline Pham’s Snake Breaker mini-arcade. I was worried at first that this might be a little embarrassing, but that is my game face too…


More images and a nice writeup coming soon, I am in Russia just hours after the show closed and that is slowing things down.