thunderstorms around here

I keep finding interesting patterns in somewhat random sources, and am totally inspired by the thunderstorms in Michigan. Living on the lake means whacky weather and the 3 or 4 days that I have been awakened at 3 am and had to rush around the dark house to close windows has been an adventure, but not much help in the “good nights rest” department.

Image Stylings

The phone aspect ratio betrays the origins of the image, but composing with the idea of picasso in mind is really a lot of fun. Flowers have faces.

Due for an AI post

I am well past due for a post on the AI work that I am trying to launch, but other than a challenge getting cuda to run properly on the machine, everything is slowly coming into place and I need to start collecting images. I am currently going through older images and running them at higher resolution like today’s.

It is interesting to me the way the higher resolution ones mimic some of the static-y bits in terms of small repetitions. As of now, it is also just a trip down memory lane.