Change Congress


Ars Virtua Guild / Foundation / Gallery

With the impending change in my employment I am looking forward to spending more time working on the Ars Virtua Foundation, and the guild. Up until now these have been much more like side projects. We will also be making an attempt to bring together a greater sense of the social in AV because the nature of the environments are very social.

Crashing with Ghandi

ghandi is gone

I finally had a chance to visit Joe Delappe’s

And it was really quite excellent, I loved the simple act of walking with and avatar that I knew was being driven by a human who was walking.  The crowd was excellent, Cyrus Huffhines, Angrybeth Shortbread, Sugar Seville and others I don’t remember.  A real art crowd.

After the forced update last night however SL(tm) had not been available until just before the project ended, and we had some very characteristic crashes during the walk.  All-in-all it was a perfect event for Second Life.