Family Portrait

WoW Family Portrait March 08

WoW Family Portrait March 08

My sister posted this to me just now, it is a family portrait taken on the Kilrogg server before I moved my main over to Earthen Ring.  I think I was around 54th level or some such.

The players are left to right: Deaxter, Miserae, Normath, Pioncir.

We are in portland, ohio and california.  Is this the future of the family portrait?


Is Torley my Nemesis?

So Torley Linden’s mind virus from earlier this year has had an effect on yet another evening of mine.

It of course started with a flavorful discussion of how all of our culture is on youtube and quickly degenerated to the Ukulele Orchestra of GB – Wuthering Heights ( and then of course to the original by Kate Bush herself in a weird proto mtv-esque sort of video (

Fine, I say, I have the book at home. Then I get the idea that I want to watch the movie immediately and tonight so I search the nets.  Thinking the tubes are kind I find a full version online and start watching only to find out that it is subtitled Chinese.  My Mandarin is only just worse than my Cantonese and I was totally unable to follow even a word because the Chinese soundtrack was just layered over the English : – (

Sadness, but I did not give up.  Then mana from heaven… I find the whole 1939 Sir Lawrence version on…

wait for it…

youtube!  ( part 1 of 15)

So at this point I am seriously considering cultivating a proper nemesis and seeing where that takes me.