sjsu teaching institute learning journal

If I understand this correctly I am a co-author and share copyright.

these are the no-brainers and it looks like I shall be implementing more than a few:

1.Have students do 5 or 6 self-assessments during course. Assess a sample of them during course. In class, assess “collective” assessments, drawing examples of SIIs from students’ own words (anonymously).
2.Conduct several midterm class assessments (4, 8, 12 weeks). Use or adapt sample from Institute materials. Take an hour to read then. Then identify 3 changes you’ll make as a result of the assessments and tell that to students at next class session. Quality of assessments will improve because students know that you are listening.
3.Stop evaluating effort, but collect all efforts in a portfolio that students pull together. Good idea to have students do a self-growth paper based on portfolio content. Evaluate self-growth paper with a clear score sheet. Criteria could include timeliness, comprehensiveness, thoughtfulness, other related to course learning outcomes.
4.Get students to do peer assessments. The assessors will learn more than assessees from this process (and reduce instructor’s time assessing).
5.Adopt the following motto:  Why do for the students what the student can learn to do for themselves?