Mashup Video List

Looks like this will be an ongoing project, the first list includes 10 some of which just blow me totally away.  Feel free to point me to videos that belong on this list.

youtube mashup playlist

because wordpress will let me drop in one video, but not a playlist…

this one started it for me

my friend at microsoft doesn’t like it, but he has no soul (third clue is he doesn’t dance) therefore his opinion does not count. why is the godard remix so powerful to me?

okay I cannot let it go without the original bits, here is the original godard scene:

and this is the band’s official(?) video

I think the unpacking of a mashup is as fascinating as the mashup (in a good one).

[edit] all right I tend to obsess on the research end of this

this is the wikipedia entry on the godard movie bande a part

the entry on the madison (a dance that they are not doing but close)

a link to the actual madison as performed in hairspray (<3 john waters)

some folk dancing after which Brad asks “So does anybody know how to Madison?”

Sigh, I hope this thing has run it’s course…