New WoW friends and family plan!

deaxter has gone to the dark side

deaxter has gone to the dark side

In their last update Blizzard has effectively addressed what has been my biggest bone to pick with the World of Warcraft system.  Blizzard now permits any player with at least one character of level 55 or higer to make a Death Knight heroic class character on any server within their area(? like US).

I fully expect this to cause an explosion in the number of DK’s, as if there weren’t too many already, but the side effect of this is a huge benefit for the social. I can now play on (almost) any realm in either faction at a level I don’t have to grind my ass off for.  What I expect to see in the future (or rather what I expect to be a part of) is roving bands of casual DK players, new DK guilds and all around joy thanks at least in part to Artie.

So as long as all of your friends have reached level 55, you can now chose a new server and all play together.

I am quite excited about this, maybe sometime in the future there will be a DK realm too…