I made this video as part of my Advancement to Candidacy for my MFA at CADRE.  I can’t honestly say why it has taken me so long to publish it, but for those interested it is now available.

So there are some serious issues with this piece, not the least of which is the fact that the audio is very hard to hear in places, but the audio was recorded “live” and the video was shot in one take.  You see those cell phones that the actors are using?  Well that is where the audio is coming from and that beep-boop is people entering and exiting the conference call which recorded the soundtrack

CC-BY James Morgan


process for assessing drafts of projects

This semester I have started requiring drafts of projects a full week before the final is due. I have adopted the following process for having the student groups assess the work and the individual artist report back. This is a draft of the exercise which I may update at some future time:

Class size: approximately 20, divided into 4 groups of 5

in order to facilitate more direct feedback and to improve the quality of feedback on draft projects the following system has been implemented

students are given a copy of this form for each other artist in their group

(15-20 min) they are instructed to fill out the form completely and to pay particular attention to insights as they are most useful to the artist

(5 min) all forms are passed back to the artist who is asked to quietly review all of them and come up with one question

(10-15 min) each artist is given a chance to ask their question and receive an answer from the rest of their group

(10 min) artists are asked to reflect on the quality of the feedback they have been given, find one strength, one area for improvement and one insight and post to the class forum — the purpose of this is to improve our skills as critics and to consider the feedback given.

total time (40-50 min)

(10 min) break

[note: if student(s) do not bring a draft they are expected to complete the exercise in class and to gather with other students who do not present on their own time before the next class meeting]

[note: emphasize that the feedback in the forum (moodle) is what will be used to verify the draft was completed]