I made this video as part of my Advancement to Candidacy for my MFA at CADRE.  I can’t honestly say why it has taken me so long to publish it, but for those interested it is now available.

So there are some serious issues with this piece, not the least of which is the fact that the audio is very hard to hear in places, but the audio was recorded “live” and the video was shot in one take.  You see those cell phones that the actors are using?  Well that is where the audio is coming from and that beep-boop is people entering and exiting the conference call which recorded the soundtrack

CC-BY James Morgan

2 thoughts on “Macbeth-SV

  1. I think your video is great. The issues you have with technology underline the power (or lack of) of technology at this moment in history.
    The quest for perfection is the engine that fuels our technological, scientific, and personal advances.

    Right now we are in a time frame where we try to fee HD technology and size on wireless devices. It was only 10 years ago I had to use 5 computer simultaneously to create a big image in PhotoShop.

    Keep up the good work.


    • I have worked with older systems too, and it is so much easier to function nowadays. I have a tendency to be more conceptual in my video work which often means that I just don’t care as much about some of the traditional means of film making. Being in the moment for the sound was more important than having super high quality audio.

      Thank you for your kind words, and keep plugging away.

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