Hulu surveys or marketing tool?

So I really enjoy hulu, but for the second time I have been offered a “survey to make hulu better.” The first time I quit after they started testing my knowledge about pickup truck taglines.  It became clear to me that the survey was a total marketing tool and they had no interest in my interests.

Screw them.  I am not going to get the answers right and I am not going to get them wrong either, this was not a survey.

Finally today I was offered another survey, but this time to give 250 adviews to the charity of my choice.

Their first question was to select my age from their pulldown, no option for “prefer not to answer” and I selected “other.”  Guess what? This answer booted me out of their survey, they are not interested in my opinion if I am over 60 or under 13.  Hmm, more marketing BS.  Then of course I get to select from the charities I have seen probably 250 ad impressions from.  So the reward was a lie.  Not surprising, marketers again.

The whole point of this is they managed to generate my goodwill twice and drag me into a survey only to lose me because of the stupid game they are playing. If you really want answers, then ask real questions, and let me opt out when, for example, you are asking a question about pickup trucks to a person who has made a conscious decision not to drive…