Synchronicity in Work and Life

I am working on a project with the most amazing group of people (from Ars Virtua).  We have a museum show in SoCal mid June and are doing a dry-run / demo for the 01SJ openhouse on April 22.

I noticed that this print project neatly falls within my first assignment for Art74 -make a mashup, include text, found images and at least one hand-made object.  What a riot, real world skills indeed.

Anyhow the print is 27″x40″ which creates a few interesting problems because World of Warcraft just does not scale for screen captures, and print resolutions are deadly.  This turned out pretty good though if I do say so myself, special thanks to Thomas “KidNeutrino” Asmuth for the hand-made scroll.

Bandages Heal

Bandages Heal


today is opposite day — not

I don’t know where it came from but I realized that you can never honestly declare it “opposite day” because if it were opposite day you would say that it is not.

You cannot even ask if it is opposite day because the only honest answer is “no.”

So how does one find out?

Okay this is silly.