Synchronicity in Work and Life

I am working on a project with the most amazing group of people (from Ars Virtua).  We have a museum show in SoCal mid June and are doing a dry-run / demo for the 01SJ openhouse on April 22.

I noticed that this print project neatly falls within my first assignment for Art74 -make a mashup, include text, found images and at least one hand-made object.  What a riot, real world skills indeed.

Anyhow the print is 27″x40″ which creates a few interesting problems because World of Warcraft just does not scale for screen captures, and print resolutions are deadly.  This turned out pretty good though if I do say so myself, special thanks to Thomas “KidNeutrino” Asmuth for the hand-made scroll.

Bandages Heal

Bandages Heal