Gaming Chillax #2

chillax1Join us this Thursday as the game development club takes the week off to work on their current challenge.

We will be bringing in the DDR pads and trying to get things running with the interactive smartboards.  For us (John, Ali, and myself) it will be a working meeting, but it should be fun to watch and feel free to bring in games to play or play along in WoW.  There are machines for everyone, but most aren’t heavy on installed software.

This should be fun, and I plan to shoot some video.

We will be meeting in Clark Hall at 6:30 in Room 111.


DDR meets WoW

We got together a couple of days ago and worked out some preliminary ideas for the DDR WoW controller:

ddr noteswe included some ideas about hacking up the dance pads in case we didn’t like the layout or needed something different.

I ordered the pads and the PS to USB converters which came in on Tuesday.  Today we hooked it all up and played it on the mac:

It starts to look like twister pad wow (hmmm, that sounds interesting too : – )

I can see this will take a lot of getting use to especially for a stumble bum like myself. In the end we realized that we won’t be programming the pad to include attacks because that will be handled by the smartboard.

I have to talk to the school, but we may just have the game chillax in the incubator classroom (which would be the awesome and give us a chance to play around a bit with controllers).

note on first friday streams

first friday four up

All of these links should be live by 7 pm tonight and I shall be running around downtown maintaining them.  Special thanks to CADRE for hosting the 4-up mashup with the sweet fat pipe at the university and the 8-core compie.

Here is a list of all the First Friday streams and their respective owners:

South First Fridays 4-up

Works San Jose

San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art

Anno Domini


Third Faction Test: I want to be human again

deaxter-70So this is it, the real thing, a chance to test our mettle for realsies. Blizzard has opened the faction change that was announced so long ago. Deaxter has always been an explorer and an adventurer.  Deaxter was born on Kilrogg on October 11, 2006 9:02:30 PM (gotta love the account tracking : – ) and later moved to Earthen Ring to participate in the Science Guild and later came back to the Ars Virtua Guild on the PvP Server Demon Soul.  When Third Faction came around she was quick to jump on board and even lead the charge.


In the end it touches my heart that the balance of Horde to Alliance on the server is almost 3 to 1.  I expect that this may be significantly disrupted by this new faction change, and I want to see how the other half (quarter) lives.

I believe this will test our resolve as third faction, with a former ally running amok on the battle grounds, I believe that we will blink a little, but doubt that many of the guild will do anything but take me out.  However, battlegrounds ARE about consensual combat, it is the gank on the quest that interests me.  So I am back to grinding and questing but as a member of the Alliance.  Perhaps we can do some Third Faction shenanigans, maybe with Gilvert and a healthy does of Ventrilo.

Either way I plan to log my adventures along the way to the Cataclysm.  Oddly this is just the thing to make the game more interesting for me.  I am also anxious to see teh hate.

This is going to take some time to work out all of the details so my plan is to make the shift at close of business on Sunday and to play regular until then.

-Deaxter (soon to be) For the Alliance…

Incubator Classroom First Meeting (mid August)

I managed to land in the incubator classroom (a high tech room) this semester for Art74 Section 3 and am like a kid in a candy store.  The tech is overwhelming and as I have mentioned before the staff just keeps saying yes.

I am tacking Elizabeth Tu’s notes from our first meeting here.  She is a new instructional designer at SJSU and has been really amazing and positive in her outlook and availability.

With so much noise about it is hard to focus on what I am trying to accomplish here so having her looking over my shoulder and reminding me is a real blessing.

So far I have video of 2 full classes and am intent on putting the class on to live streaming as soon as I can get in touch with the right person at SJSU.  Seems that when you work with admin people they hold you to the rules, even if no one is sure you are going to break them.

I hope to be linking to the live streams in the next week.

so my 3 major goals are  to:

  1. videotape and open my classroom
  2. engage the class asynchronously with the moodle
  3. study student engagement

I see too that I need to work these over.  Sigh. I am afraid this is going to be a little on the disorganized side until I can get the technology to be part of my daily rhythm.

As a side note the facet of the incubator that has had the greatest impact so far is the movable furniture.

here are elizabeth’s notes (with permission)

There are three major goals you wish to achieve by using the IC:
•    Utilize the live videotaping capability in the IC to capture each lecture with the intent to foster student engagement.  The purposes are twofold:  The videotapes will serve as self-paced tutorials for those students who miss the class to catch up with the class instruction or for those who wish to review the class again for better understanding or review purpose.  Secondly, the videotape will provide you, the instructor, a chance to review, analyze and improve your teaching skill.
The videotapes will be made available to all students in both the IC and TC.
Discussion of how to measure success [of student engagement]:
•    You plan to conduct many surveys to solicit student feedback prior to the class or weekly to modify your instruction or approach constantly.
•    In your survey, I propose to add questions such as,
•    What have you learned from the class today? Pls list them.
•    What are the new concepts you have learned today?
•    What are the new features of the s/w you have learned?
•    How does ____ (concept X, technology Y, or any new intervention of the day) help you in learning the subject or doing your project…?
•    What have you learned from your team members?  Pls list them
•    Solicit feedback on any specific conceptual aspect, skill sets, team building/collaboration techniques, etc. of the day/week
•    Collaborative use of the Interactive Whiteboard to simulate a real-world project team working as group.  This will allow students to present, share their knowledge, comments, and critiques via an explorative process of problem and solution publicly with the entire class.  It also provides them with the direct and dynamic experience of pros and cons using technology to interact with a group.
The expectations of this goal are twofold: 1) pros and cons in using the technology in the IC for group discussion; 2) the speed in getting into the discussion mode in IC vs. TC.  The intent is to see HOW or in what way the IC technology has enhanced the student engagement in learning the concept.
Discussion of how to measure success [of using technology to enhance learning]:
•    What are the pros and cons of using Tool ABC or technology DEF (e.g. SmartBoard, TurningPoint, Tidebreaker, etc.)?
•    How long does it take you to do XYZ or perform Task  #1?
•    How much set-up or prep time did it take for the group to get into the project discussion?
•    Integration of IC technological experience with the Moodle community.

Use Moodle as a central point to capture or document the team dynamics, experience, discussions, collaboration with all the technologies in IC.
Discussion of how to measure success [of integrating the IC experience via Moodle]:
•    How learning can be achieved through sharing with the group via Moodle?
•    Students have different learning styles.  How does Moodle help in student learning? Or, what are the pros and cons of integrating Moodle into IC experience?
•    What criteria will be used in measuring student participation?  E.g. login, # of visit of any specific areas, log report, etc.?
•    What areas of learning will be measured?  The tentative areas of assessment are:
•    Conceptual content lecture of Art
•    Technical lecture or presentation
•    Group-based collaboration or lab experience
My proposed Roles and Recommendations to meet the class are:
•    Based on agreed-upon objectives, attend and observe class participation as much as possible or as my time permits.
•    Be available to discuss any pedagogical issues or interventions or dry run during “anticipation phase” [= prior to class]
•    Jot down any class/instruction in motion notes for debrief discussion
•    Schedule post-class debrief discussions and document any appropriate actions or recommendations
•    Assess and modify our approach to meet class needs for continuous growth and improvement
We will use the above as a baseline discussion points for future meetings.  The theme of our collaboration is how to engage students in their learning.  Technology serves as a means to achieve the end of maximum learning for all students.