Third Faction Test: I want to be human again

deaxter-70So this is it, the real thing, a chance to test our mettle for realsies. Blizzard has opened the faction change that was announced so long ago. Deaxter has always been an explorer and an adventurer.  Deaxter was born on Kilrogg on October 11, 2006 9:02:30 PM (gotta love the account tracking : – ) and later moved to Earthen Ring to participate in the Science Guild and later came back to the Ars Virtua Guild on the PvP Server Demon Soul.  When Third Faction came around she was quick to jump on board and even lead the charge.


In the end it touches my heart that the balance of Horde to Alliance on the server is almost 3 to 1.  I expect that this may be significantly disrupted by this new faction change, and I want to see how the other half (quarter) lives.

I believe this will test our resolve as third faction, with a former ally running amok on the battle grounds, I believe that we will blink a little, but doubt that many of the guild will do anything but take me out.  However, battlegrounds ARE about consensual combat, it is the gank on the quest that interests me.  So I am back to grinding and questing but as a member of the Alliance.  Perhaps we can do some Third Faction shenanigans, maybe with Gilvert and a healthy does of Ventrilo.

Either way I plan to log my adventures along the way to the Cataclysm.  Oddly this is just the thing to make the game more interesting for me.  I am also anxious to see teh hate.

This is going to take some time to work out all of the details so my plan is to make the shift at close of business on Sunday and to play regular until then.

-Deaxter (soon to be) For the Alliance…