DDR meets WoW

We got together a couple of days ago and worked out some preliminary ideas for the DDR WoW controller:

ddr noteswe included some ideas about hacking up the dance pads in case we didn’t like the layout or needed something different.

I ordered the pads and the PS to USB converters which came in on Tuesday.  Today we hooked it all up and played it on the mac:

It starts to look like twister pad wow (hmmm, that sounds interesting too : – )

I can see this will take a lot of getting use to especially for a stumble bum like myself. In the end we realized that we won’t be programming the pad to include attacks because that will be handled by the smartboard.

I have to talk to the school, but we may just have the game chillax in the incubator classroom (which would be the awesome and give us a chance to play around a bit with controllers).