Ars Virtua Stepping back from SL Mainland


I have been viewing the changing “land”scape in SL for some time now and  recently come to the decision that Ars Virtua needs to change it’s business model. Because of this all AV lands are for sale, I will cut a super deal for (or grant) land to other arts organizations in SL. I am in the process of archiving and documenting our current holdings with the intent to perhaps move some over to our opensim, but to mothball the others.

We are not shutting down, just refocusing. In my mind there is no reason to maintain the presence we have currently, but instead we will rent lands for future shows and focus on communities that need or want the aid that we as a cultural institution can provide. Second Life has always been about social connections for me, I want to honor that and give something back.

Our recent success in other environments has made this very attractive both in terms of time available and cash expenses.

If you are an arts organization and are interested in a super deal or a mainland grant please contact me in world.

I shall be converting a small parcel I own in Neufreistadt to a theater to host the Streaming Museum for the interim period but all other exhibits are closing. After a brief dark period I plan to test our new model with a new curated show.

james / Rubaiyat Shatner

the holdings I have that are available are listed below:

Seventh Eye~16 Seventh Eye (34,154) 16
Seventh Eye~16 Seventh Eye (38,150) 16
spare primland Seventh Eye (84,156) 512
annex 2 Seventh Eye (112,198) 1,664
Second Home Seventh Eye (240,192) 4,096
Becoming Dragon Performance Sp Seventh Eye (160,32) 4,096
Ars Virtua Convening Space Seventh Eye (64,94) 11,328
Ars Virtua, New Media Center Dowden (32,32) 3072
Ars Virtua: Gallery 2 Butler (240,16) 1024
Atlantis Manitoba (94,40) 512
A Yard Leodegrance (228,84) 4,928
Greenland Chima (122,48) 4,096

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  1. Just so you know I am already in planning for the next show which will likely take place in January. I hope this transition can run smoothly but I am also realizing that the bottom has dropped out of the “land” market in SL and it will be impossible for me to get any of my “investment” back. I think this has soured me somewhat to the idea of being a land baron.

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