DIWO – Do It With Others / CADRE build

In keeping with the spirit of the unclass that I ran this semester (on a furlough day shhhh) I couldn’t pass up this opportunity at the TechShop. When we were finishing our second tour for Art74 Robert came up to us and told us about the gift membership. This is such an amazing deal that I realized I wanted to bring the community into it. This is a self-guided, shoulder to cry on, sort of learning environment where we benefit from the professional skills related classes at the TechShop. This will not tell you what to do or make assignments, but provide an excited critical community to work with.

This session is open to anyone (of course) but students wanting to get credit will need to make a serious committment (90 hours for a 3 credit studio class). Steve Durie is co-facilitating and has mad programming and electronics skills, between the two of us there should be enough faculty “supervision.” There is also the expectation that students at SJSU will produce something, and there may be a gallery show in the art building at the beginning of the Spring 10 semester.

I hate to even think of it as a class, this is to be driven by ambition, no one has to show up, and no one has to work, but it is a great opportunity. This will be the unclass to rule them all:

danger laser

CADRE build

A one month unclass focused on building objects, creating community, and collaborating to make art. CADRE faculty Steve Durie and James Morgan are facilitating the month long community/building event which will run from approximately December 15 to January 15 at the TechShop in Menlo Park.

Note TechShop Membership required (but see below for $40 intro deal).

This is inspired by the TechShop’s gift membership (http://techshop.ws/gift.html) which includes a month’s worth of time on-site in Menlo Park, access to the massive amount of CNC machinery, the maker community and two beginning classes.

The goals are simple:

  • work hard
  • build objects
  • share what you know
  • choose what you learn
  • build networks and community
  • collaborate

I know I have some projects I want to get done over the break, and I know it will be easier and more fun for me if I can bounce my ideas off of other people and get regular critique.

The session is open to anyone, and we are making arrangements to count the time towards class hours, but will need to talk to each person to see just how that fits.

Don’t have a project yet? Not a problem, however we do not know how long this offer will last. We are talking with other artists about presenting mini-workshops on cool stuff too, but this experience will be guided by those that participate. (possible topics: bug-bot, arduino/sensor, inflatable, inDesign, paper-craft, nothing definite yet)

what you need:

  • sign up for the unclass http://unclasses.org/classes/452 (this is how we are tracking students)
  • contact us – james – at – factorynoir – dot – com or stevedurie – at – me – dot – com
  • sign up for a gift membership at http://techshop.ws/gift.html note that this deal is for new members but the unclass is open to anyone with a TechShop membership
  • self motivation

the gears of creativity


DDR Shenanigans F09

The Mortal Kombat Dance Off was the culmination of our experimentation with the Dance Dance Revolution game pads this semester. John Pierre Bruneau and I held a single elimination Mortal Kombat tournament at the end of October.

MKDDR came about in response to the not so successful WoW and DDR combination with the Interactive Whiteboard which may or may not be making a comeback next semester.

The tournament took about 2 hours and featured many stars from both the SJSU Game Developers Club and the CADRE Laboratory for New Media.  We are happy to crown our first champion Jeffrey Kam who won in a close call 2-1 decision.

Please forgive the crunchiness of the video, it was a borrowed camera. Edited by JP who did an amazing job considering (see more of his vids at artfail or follow him on twitter @johnpierre).

Mapping the joysticks to the game pads was pretty straight forward

In retrospect there are a few lessons learned:

  1. allow more time for practice – that was how people learned their moves
  2. setup better for the camera – and test
  3. make sure the camera works
  4. coaches make a difference (for special moves)

The DDR pads work much better with a joystick based game though I think a good mapping would help WoW.

Here is the vid from the first experiment if you missed it, note that the title includes the word naked to get more hitz, when in fact it is more of a beach mage duel…

works/san jose presents ‘noon2noon’, a 24-hour art marathon: make art, buy art, support works


Works San Jose is still forming teams for our round the clock marathon style fund raiser (which will be broadcast to the net at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/works-live ) – have your loved ones watch you at work, make art, connect with the community, have fun…

Works/San Jose presents ‘noon2noon’–a 24 hour art marathon beginning at noon First Friday, December 4th and continuing until Saturday, December 5th. We are seeking teams or individual artists who will be sponsored during a lock-in to create art to sell in a benefit for works/san jose.

How do you get involved?

  1. SIGN-UP: Contact Stephanie Battle at Works/San Jose. Call (408)286-6800 or write to gallery@workssanjose.org. You can also sign up on Thursday between 12-7pm at Works/San Jose.
  2. ARTISTS/TEAMS: Drop off supplies and set up times are:  Thursday 12-7pm and Friday beginning at 12noon. Each team will be given a booth/area of the gallery that will include floor and wall space. Please bring art to display, preferably art for sale!
  3. PERFORMERS: Performance area will be set up day of event. Basic mic will be available. Contact Stephanie to find out more about time of sets.
  4. THIS IS A FUNDRAISER! We are asking each artist to commit to raising at least $25 for Works/San Jose! This can be done through sponsorship of a team or donating 50% of sales to Works/San Jose.
  5. WHAT IS IN IT FOR YOU? Over 1000 visitors on First Friday will get to see your artwork, network with some of the greatest artists in Silicon Valley, sell some artwork to people for the holidays, hang out in our VIP Artist Lounge with food, movies, and coffee!

This event will be streaming live online for those of you who are unable to join us on First Friday.

Questions? Contact Stephanie Battle our Gallery Coordinator at (408)286-6800

Inflatables with @slowe

Sarah Lowe is the best builder / 3d / materials person I know. I was excited to have the opportunity for her to come and do a guest lecture in the Art 74 classes I teach.

We led up to the project by covering Google Sketchup, and exporting models into paper via Pepakura

On Tuesday November 24th we made two models, one of mr teapot in section 3 and the cesar chaves arch in section 2.  The gallery below has choice images taken by both Ali Sajjadi and Cookie Evans.

Dungeons and Dragons Online

This is just a quick note to recap of my interaction with Dungeons and Dragons Online.

I started playing over the summer in anticipation of the free game being released in August. In fact I leveled up to 3 as a human Wizard on the trial, which was fun, but I did find that I got tired of the dungeon crawl.

I will be heading back in now that it is free and see if the atmosphere has changed much and attempt to make the social connection. With that in mind, there are opportunities for performance, intervention and culture jamming. With that in mind here is my info:

Server: Ghallanda
Name: Eizner TwixtEngoliant
Current Location: The Wayward Lobster in Stormreach

If you are interested in playing, ping me and let me know when you are online, I think I can get back to the starting areas as well.

Please put your character name into the comments.