Dungeons and Dragons Online

This is just a quick note to recap of my interaction with Dungeons and Dragons Online.

I started playing over the summer in anticipation of the free game being released in August. In fact I leveled up to 3 as a human Wizard on the trial, which was fun, but I did find that I got tired of the dungeon crawl.

I will be heading back in now that it is free and see if the atmosphere has changed much and attempt to make the social connection. With that in mind, there are opportunities for performance, intervention and culture jamming. With that in mind here is my info:

Server: Ghallanda
Name: Eizner TwixtEngoliant
Current Location: The Wayward Lobster in Stormreach

If you are interested in playing, ping me and let me know when you are online, I think I can get back to the starting areas as well.

Please put your character name into the comments.

2 thoughts on “Dungeons and Dragons Online

  1. it says you don’t exist, we may have to be on at the same time, are you in Korthos or the start area?

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