DDR Shenanigans F09

The Mortal Kombat Dance Off was the culmination of our experimentation with the Dance Dance Revolution game pads this semester. John Pierre Bruneau and I held a single elimination Mortal Kombat tournament at the end of October.

MKDDR came about in response to the not so successful WoW and DDR combination with the Interactive Whiteboard which may or may not be making a comeback next semester.

The tournament took about 2 hours and featured many stars from both the SJSU Game Developers Club and the CADRE Laboratory for New Media.  We are happy to crown our first champion Jeffrey Kam who won in a close call 2-1 decision.

Please forgive the crunchiness of the video, it was a borrowed camera. Edited by JP who did an amazing job considering (see more of his vids at artfail or follow him on twitter @johnpierre).

Mapping the joysticks to the game pads was pretty straight forward

In retrospect there are a few lessons learned:

  1. allow more time for practice – that was how people learned their moves
  2. setup better for the camera – and test
  3. make sure the camera works
  4. coaches make a difference (for special moves)

The DDR pads work much better with a joystick based game though I think a good mapping would help WoW.

Here is the vid from the first experiment if you missed it, note that the title includes the word naked to get more hitz, when in fact it is more of a beach mage duel…