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In keeping with the spirit of the unclass that I ran this semester (on a furlough day shhhh) I couldn’t pass up this opportunity at the TechShop. When we were finishing our second tour for Art74 Robert came up to us and told us about the gift membership. This is such an amazing deal that I realized I wanted to bring the community into it. This is a self-guided, shoulder to cry on, sort of learning environment where we benefit from the professional skills related classes at the TechShop. This will not tell you what to do or make assignments, but provide an excited critical community to work with.

This session is open to anyone (of course) but students wanting to get credit will need to make a serious committment (90 hours for a 3 credit studio class). Steve Durie is co-facilitating and has mad programming and electronics skills, between the two of us there should be enough faculty “supervision.” There is also the expectation that students at SJSU will produce something, and there may be a gallery show in the art building at the beginning of the Spring 10 semester.

I hate to even think of it as a class, this is to be driven by ambition, no one has to show up, and no one has to work, but it is a great opportunity. This will be the unclass to rule them all:

danger laser

CADRE build

A one month unclass focused on building objects, creating community, and collaborating to make art. CADRE faculty Steve Durie and James Morgan are facilitating the month long community/building event which will run from approximately December 15 to January 15 at the TechShop in Menlo Park.

Note TechShop Membership required (but see below for $40 intro deal).

This is inspired by the TechShop’s gift membership (http://techshop.ws/gift.html) which includes a month’s worth of time on-site in Menlo Park, access to the massive amount of CNC machinery, the maker community and two beginning classes.

The goals are simple:

  • work hard
  • build objects
  • share what you know
  • choose what you learn
  • build networks and community
  • collaborate

I know I have some projects I want to get done over the break, and I know it will be easier and more fun for me if I can bounce my ideas off of other people and get regular critique.

The session is open to anyone, and we are making arrangements to count the time towards class hours, but will need to talk to each person to see just how that fits.

Don’t have a project yet? Not a problem, however we do not know how long this offer will last. We are talking with other artists about presenting mini-workshops on cool stuff too, but this experience will be guided by those that participate. (possible topics: bug-bot, arduino/sensor, inflatable, inDesign, paper-craft, nothing definite yet)

what you need:

  • sign up for the unclass http://unclasses.org/classes/452 (this is how we are tracking students)
  • contact us – james – at – factorynoir – dot – com or stevedurie – at – me – dot – com
  • sign up for a gift membership at http://techshop.ws/gift.html note that this deal is for new members but the unclass is open to anyone with a TechShop membership
  • self motivation

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