noon2noon decompression

Saturday Afternoon at 12:01 we were out of Works San Jose, we had just spent 24 hours of gruelling art making.

The whole evening was fun and there were plenty of memorable moments, like the high school band that had their parents carry their instruments out sooo serious, but fun nonetheless.

Overall the music was tight, the Indian band created an amazing atmosphere, and the emo kids that played good music but just too loud that chased away most of the crowd.  Then there was the house band Haptic Synapses who played an all too short set.  At least they hung around around to do some 1am noodling on the music box.

It was also really cool kicking it with Charles about the 13″ MBP. In fact there were a couple of really good conversations that night and I ended up really really liking the survivors who shall be listed here:

I know I am missing people here, if anyone knows them (from the pictures or otherwise) please help and I shall update. I also have to follow up with the numbers which we won’t know for a few days yet I am sure. We have left the chip-in open till the end of the month

I was working on embedding these but wordpress is being difficult, so I may update, but until then ustream links:

beginning  noon2noon

papercraft with the art inspector

DC and the French

bad beuys

9:27 pm

1:46 am

finis (see 12:30 onward)