PayPal Still Sucks

What is wrong with PayPal?

Today I tried to donate money to some deserving causes and I got blocked.

At first PayPal said that my account was flagged, that they were trying to protect me from fraud, pretty much your standart phishing email except it came from paypal and didn’t have any links.

I logged in to paypal and it wants all this information, the first thing it demands is my full credit card number, then makes me change my password and my extra questions then get this it tells me this is a random thing and that the note they sent was BS. they just wanted to re-verify me.

Okay, I am pissed. I figure I will go ahead and do it, but then I am hit with their stupid system, they are asking for location information to verify, they will not accept my cell phone and appearantly my lifestyle is such that I have little to offer.

Now I have been a customer for 5 years, and never had a problem, why all this now? And why such a damn unfriendly system? I mean I have spent more than an hour throwing myself at this and I am coming to the opinion that it just might not be worth it.

Why must I confirm location for a 5 year old paypal account?

I end up re re re confirming my credit card and they charge me $1.95 that I have to go to my statement to find a code number… WTF? 4 days before xmas when I am trying to buy something, and of course there is no way to reach customer service for something that would be pretty easy with a live person on the phone.

This feels like the “add bank account to verify” scam that I refuse to play.

Oh yeah, and so now paypal is blocking my credit card from being used too… how wonderful. 2 hours and counting