Buzz Turned Off, For Now

I poked a while at Google Buzz and have finally gotten around to disabling it. You may wonder why and be asking: “Rube you are a social media guy, don’t you publish everything anyhow? What are you afraid of?”

Well, I am not afraid of anything and only have a few minor criticisms of the service which undoubtably will be eventually ironed out.  The problem I am having is with gmail.  I have had a gmail account for years, and am currently using 55% of 7.5 GB on my original account, I also have 6 years worth of archived emails in this space which I have used for that specific purpose — to keep a record of my emails. This is also my backup account, and I have run a few years worth of google docs out of it as well.

The problem is that I NEVER check this email, nor do I intend to start, on occasion it will fall into a cc list and I will miss an important note, but this is rare.

Buzz has started connecting my friends to it, and I can see the problem starting up.  I have been lazy in migrating my stuff over to my current gmail that forwards to my domain,  and am not excited about having to do this just yet.

Also the one domain that I would want it on, my hosted email with gmail, buzz is not available yet.

THAT is why. I check email on mail, and do chat through iChat, and twitter on seesmic.

I may be migrating over the information and activate my main gmail with buzz, but it will take some effort on my part.