What does Laser mean to you?

For my first laser painting on a stretched canvas I asked a laser scientist who I have been co-teaching a workshop with at SJSU to describe what comes to mind when he thinks of lasers and laser paintings and he came up with some great answers.

He said that he thought about how lasers have really become part of our everyday lives from cd to blu ray to supermarket scanners, to laser pointers and so on, but when they were first being researched and built they were conceived as weapons and that there was a great deal of public fear about them.

I think back and the 50’s and 60’s sci-fi that I love so much does paint them as massive weapons of destruction. So my next painting will focus on this idea, I am going to do a “laser pistol” and see how that plays out on my first canvas which is 11×14.

I was considering leaving more of my process visible too, but that just has not happened, I cannot seem to leave part of the front of the canvas unpainted. Anyhow, I also got some larger 14×18 canvas boards and will probably be more open to that with them as they are so big I really cannot even carry them on my bike (easily : )

I am documenting the coating of this canvas, which will likely turn into another post, I shall also append my image to this one when it gets done, but I am sooo far behind.

Laser time 4pm Friday. Yikes.