frist friday April 2 ( yes I spelled first wrong : )

The first CADRE art crawl what a concept, and frankly it only makes sense. Ali is focused on community and that makes the difference.

Gods (is that from Caprica) I hate the waiting, but with Vera @fanya it is not so bad, and at Caffe Trieste it is even less bad but is the beginning of bad habits. The art Venice v Venice is reasonable, though not exceptional and finds this person wishin he had saved up space for the delightful spread no doubt sponsored by the artist.

Wait <time rewind> KALEID is the first stop, and though Ali, the generous sponsor and late leader of the ragtag group has FAILED to include this in the crawl, must correct him as the people in the space at 6.30 are awesome and the artist is still writing on the walls though I get the whole pink sequined thing, the whale element totally baffles me. Newish works in KALEID including a brilliant set of works from the perspective of the ghosts of pac man and damn good cuppin’ cakes, yikes I think KALEID wins with the snackies as the coffee is teh awesome as well, and I have to leave before my meeting arrives</time rewind> nevermind.

We wait a half an hour which is enough time to have a drink and to meet the posse, and it is so good to see Fanny again and make the CC design connection.

Onward… First Friday is about motion as Vera would indicate…

Anno Domini pretty awesome, as usual. Posse finished with the gallery before I got out of the lobby, but managed to connect to the artist and start a conversation.

Works – Found Female, damn I love Works, and FF really appeals to our painterly pals, the presentation is great, and the work has a great consistency. Dennis Champion(?)’s first show in the P2IS space also underscores the NEED FOR THIS SPACE IN SAN JOSE. Dennis’ first show, sorry it was a rainy good Friday, but it was Powersfull.

And the reason I do the art walk: Joel Slayton. Okay running into Joel is always a bonus and spending 10 minutes with the executive director of 01 is priceless. There is one day a month that I love this town.

MACLA had a drag performer whom I missed, sorry and the rap act wasn’t my speed. But it had an audience.

Quilt was amazing. I think I missed it by partying up at the TechShop last month but I am fucking stupid, the work was just there, the mashup between image and quilt, the hint at the digital and the mixing of the media all threw me for a loop. Do not ever skip Quilt museum on a First Friday, Jane knows what she is doing and knows where it sits in contemporary culture, save the money (they charge on a daily basis) and SEE THE SHOW. But more importantly see THIS show and what they have in store for 01.

ICA had their threadless show and a peek at the next, threads are sooo worth seeing, the delicate ephemeral quality of some of the work really calls back to Quilt, but pushes it in an interesting other direction.

SGA Comics. Gawd love them, the front room is a comic shop, seriously WTF Guitar Hero action figures? I thought I was the action figure. Anyhow the work on the walls was notable, and the jazz band was kickin’ This is the place that I spent money, what does that say? Bought a black T-Shirt for a mere $5 cash and got a Hot Tub Time Machine poster, cause I ended up likin’ the movie.

<space rewind>(there is no closure for this tag as it machts nichts) Back at Quilt: introduce Ali to Jane, Ali is terminally late, but smart and Jane is the most exciting curator in San Jose. Conversation ensues.

Back at Works. Shilpi! Marvin et al, talking to Joe and the gang, the auction is coming up, needs mah help and needs your art. I am donating a laser painting.

Back to AD. ZOMG stage act kills, talk to Brian about Arduino Domini, need to connect to lilly pad, wait I can’t call it Arduino Domini because it confuses people, meh. But I love AD and so I need to shape up. Talked with Johnny, and Mike and Dmitry. Maaaan why does the evening have to end, having fun.

Oh well, left some of my American Psycho cards around and will see what happens. No pix. Boring text post means only people who care will read and reply.

Gear up for CADRE Crawl next month.