A few thoughts on DMA


In thinking about the Digital Media Art program at SJSU it really becomes obvious at some point that we are doing a lot more that electronics.

Digital has changed so much over the past 20 years, and has become integrated into our society, particularly on the Left Coast where the train conversations are often about a developing application or a backup solution.


It is obvious that the program is going to have to change, and grow up a little too, but who knows where or how, especially with the current budget crisis? I guess it comes back to a statement I made a while ago that I fully believe, and that is that “I never taught digital media.” So what exactly do I teach? I mean I do teach photoshoppish and dreamweaverish sorts of stuff, but that is not where the meat of the class is.
It is about letting your ideas trump the medium, and thinking about art as based around a central concept. Because of that I know that I need to work more with materials, and objects. I have started to hang out more and more at the TechShop and look forward to the day when there is one in San Jose, but until then I am trying to become a builder.

My students often give me grief for asking “What does it mean?” little knowing that even that is a softball question. We learn to bullshit about meaning and aesthetics. When we learn photoshop we also learn how we learn, and when we pitch our ideas and refine them, we learn how our creative process works and how to work under a deadline.