SubZero San Jose

First Friday is always awesome, but First Friday SubZero was even better.

Bradshaw woke me out of my school stupor as she arrived in town and was chased out of the ICA whilst they closed from 5-6. We met down at Trieste and had sandwiches and Old Speckled Hen on tap then got trapped in a bubble.


Wandering up and down the street we ran into some wormy friends of Amul.


And experienced multi-porn, or was it military industrialist masturbation?


California Callosum


and Trieste was packed by the Opera.


I am still embedded and headed to Single Barrel with DC and Kathy.

And Oooh do I have a rant in my mind, why the hell did the ICA close at 8:15 on First Friday? “Executive Decision?” Really?

All I have to say is WTF?