Excellent Well: I am a Fishmonger.

Mooooo!I am in the early stages of writing an operetta-etta and short film based on the life of a Tauren who has chosen to have a family and become a fishmonger rather than a heroic adventurer in Azeroth.

It is a slice of life for one happy cow-man with a family in a world where everyone aspires to be a hero, but ends up missing the joy of life and family. I see that this expresses many of my feelings about the World of Warcraft in a way similar to what /hug did. WoW seems to pale too often next to the RL experience and that is one reason why I fail to be epic in the environment.

I hope to get a ten minute piece done this summer but won’t be upset if it drags out until winter break.

I am in the very early stages, starting to think about locations, and whether I will actually be able to use a live server or if I will have to go to a private server. I do have at least one former student with machinima experience on private servers which would prove invaluable.

I envision this being light opera but with singing throughout the whole film, maybe 2 or 3 separate songs that talk about the happy life of the characters and the oblivious rushing around that the heroes do.

I am thinking about setting it up around an Onyxia raid or maybe a “For The Horde” Achievement run.

Thinking about it there needs to be room for trade chat and all of its Chuck Norris silliness. Especially for a merchant. I may also need to do some research as I do not have a very high fishing skill : )