Online Teaching Workshop


I have been madly working on an online teaching workshop with Dr. Peter Beyersdorf of the Physics Dept.  We really only had a week to put this together and I just took the workshop from others last week.

The focus is online teaching tools, with an understanding that we are covering the university’s new LMS (Learning Management System) in a great deal of detail.

So far it feels like Peter is carrying the bulk of the load and I am trudging behind and getting nervous during presentations. I think I have a good reason to be nervous, these are some of the best teachers at the university and little ole me is trying to teach them.

Anyhow, all my spare time is being spent generating these materials, and putting them in D2L (eating our on dogfood as it were which is working surprisingly well.)  The downside is that the work that I am doing is not linkable at this time.  The upside is that I am doing the work in Dreamwever and will be posting it all in my DMA account too in preparation for when I have to do this for realsies this summer for the mediated course.

Anyhow, this is like teaching full time and preparing the night before.