riding around in circles

I recently noticed that Google Maps has added the bike routes and a cycling option. In order to stave off summer boredom (lol, yeah like that will happen) I decided to start investigating these. I also ended up doing some loops around campus looking for good cycling traffic patterns.

route to whole foods

I made a trip to whole foods and got a chance to get on the Los Gatos trail which is amazing, but super confusing for me, I ended up passing the place where I was suppose to exit and having to double back.  I plan to explore this trail a little more and need to find an easy way to differentiate between trails and routes which mostly end up being bike lanes.


I noticed that I spend most of my time downtown and wanted to try to explore to the North a bit, I ended up drawing this box on the map, but realized all too late that the bike view really downplays the highways, and so I got lost when I encountered the bayshore thinking it was the 680.


is what I ended up riding which is not nearly as square.


I had intended to cross 680 and ride up capitol, but ended up chickening out at the last minute after being distracted by the bike bridge which was pretty awesome even with the emo kids hanging out there.

lastly I wanted to check out the path along the guadalupe.  It is really excellent and I was able to figure out a little of how to get off and on, though I missed hedding and went up to the highway before turning back. The most annoying thing was a detour which was really poorly marked, and of course I got lost.

In conclusion some of these paths are really incredible, I think I am going to scare up a map of them so that I can seek them out.  I suppose the next step is to draw a circle around my house and make sure I catch all of the paths in that area. Depending on the radius (probably 3-5 miles to start) I will try to hit most of routes as well.

I am thinking there may be some sort of project in here but I just don’t know what yet.