simple machines laser painting


This painting was quite interesting as it is the first full canvas exploration with lasering away to the white all across the canvas.

The canvas has an interesting  property that where the frame sits behind the canvas the paint seems to build up in an interesting way that gives it a thick halo effect when I attempt to take it down to the white.  I am not sure how but this looks interesting except that it is quite rectangular and not exactly predictable but that really does describe the nature of this whole medium.

Anyhow, the content comes from the forms that I made for the “Things” show in South Carolina. The image is the six simple machines as constructed in sketchup, unfolded in Pepakura and sent to S.C. These physical machines are the foundation for all mechanical devices.  This is why I chose to build them digitally and then fabricate them in paper.  I see this pattern (which is incidentally flawed, yikes) and if I do another one I will have to correct it.

I shall be posting this in my etsy store as soon as I can get a good set of pictures of it.