Bloomsday Day Draft1

“history is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake” – God is “a shout in the street.”

The journey of Odysseus was epic, and recasting it in the terms of contemporary literature feels like a cheapening of it or even a shortcut.  Having planned this Bloomsday trip only a week in advance I didn’t have time to digest the 265,000 words of Ulysses. Therefore I drew my inspiration from the comic, and the wikipedia entry.  It felt clever to use the ultimate cheat of wikipedia to try to map backwards to Joyce’s work.

As it turned out we also ended up running in a haphazard hypertextual sort of way through the story.

I guess this begins with planning, and getting ready to go. I had originally thought I would stay up in the city all day or for a 24 hour period (though the book doesn’t really take 24 hours).

Scheduling the train was interesting in that I got to take a baby bullet again, and that shortened the trip by about 20 minutes.  Cowtrain to BART to the center of the city at Glen Park.  Then a quick navigation of the space, some people watching and a ride back to Marcy’s place.

It is a real pleasure to catch up with artists, especially those that are making their own way. Dan has inspired me to start using my Etsy store more and to put work into it.  His sales seem pretty good too.  That and an overview of his process made for an excellent conversation over a glass of wine.

We went to a french restaurant for dinner and I had Polenta and a Corn soup, a very corny tasty dinner.

Then it was over to Morgan’s house and she had KITTENS!  Well it was even more interesting than that because she was renting them for the humane society and they were about to be given away.

From there it was to the Alembic for a first taste of Irish whiskey. I realized that there was a lot of time spend in liquor establishments in Ulysses so we tried to make some time.  It was most interesting that the Irish and Japanese liquors where listed together, though I guess they are next to each other alphabetically, a connection which eluded me at the time.

Then up the street to Aub Zam Zam which ended up being this strange Persian themed local bar with a bizarre mix of music that ranged from 40s to Johnny Cash and all around.

We stopped by a smoke shop and everyone got cigarettes (again in recognition of joyce, though frankly it was awful).

From there it was to the tower and then laying on the pavement staring at the stars. It was hard to walk after staring at the sky for so long but quite a treat to see the stars in the city.

Then back on the road and to the worlds most comfortable couch.

It was hard to wake up in the morning, but a quick trip to starbucks on the way to the train helped quite a lot, a nap on the train and then finding my bike still in tact made for a pleasant trip home.