fallen apart

So other than having an amazing morning shopping for luggage with Kyung the rest of my day totally fell apart.

I cancelled my laser time and didn’t do a painting, I missed the Triton opening, and bike party, everyone except Jefffffff bailed from the fishmonger meeting.


We got to play with Elluminate a little and it was sorta kinda fun. I see that this might work and though I was a bit down, just talking about the project cheered me up. Next step is form a google group to keep track of things and org a second meeting with an actual agenda.

Jeffff and I realized that we don’t know the form (opera or light opera) that well and I still feel it is super important to have these epic voices coming out of WoW critters mouths. So we need to do some research.

I was trying to point to was The Marriage of Figaro by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I guess that other than the shenanigans the opening story where he is measuring the room for his wedding bed sticks with me as a beautiful image (even in english).

The curse is that I shall be watching opera for the next month. And, um, I am not sure I mind that too much.

Comic Opera and somehow my searches brought me to Anna Russel who does some amazing sendups of Gilbert and Sullivan and even does some Wagner. I think I like the parody much better as it quite aligns with my previous work.

anyways things are moving with a rocky start.