Origins and Games Quests

The first day at Origins started late on many levels because of distractions. The previous night I ended up in a lengthy conversation, and then had to work before crashing keeping me up until 5am. We left after noon and got checked into the hotel around 2:30. The hotel is called the lofts and is part of the Crown Plaza. The low ratings on really focused on that fact and that many rooms look out on the parking garage. My room ended up being enormous.

After walking around for a few hours and trolling the dealers room I was getting more and more irritated that the wifi was $10 per day almost everywhere. Not only that but they were on 2 systems, one in the hotel, and one in the convention center. I determined that I would give my money to the place that would let me on the wifi and ended up with a black bean burger at max and erma’s. And a wifi code that is working in the crown plaza for the last 2 days.

I ended up online actually getting work done, drinking scotch and chatting up Thomas. Looks like Steam is having a sale so I am pushing to take a group of AV in to an MMO to play for a month or two. I don’t know where we will end up Star Trek Online is looking pretty good and I love the visuals of Champions Online (which probably wont be around much longer).

Then to play “are you a werewolf.” I ended up in an experimental game that lasted like 3 hours but eschewed the common mechanic of night. It became really interesting in that our Seer was quite active and ID’d many of us upfront. After catching one of the wolves he got killed but that left us with a group of 4 (we lied and called it 5) that formed a voting block. After some stumbling in the dark we caught the last wolf.