meeting tomorrow for public access

I am facing down a media meeting tomorrow where I have to program the media that I will be recording for public access.  The only difficult part is that I am relying on a giant group of other people to help with these.  The plan is of course to pay them, but as the possibility of production looms big I have to nail the issues.  Here is what I am looking at, and these will form a core for Art74 -the online edition:

1) What is DMA? New Media Art – Definition and Antecedents
2) Mashup
3) Conceptual Art
4) Collaboration / Participation / Open Source
5) Image, authenticity and authorship
5a) CC – licensing, IP and contemporary landscape
6) performance
7) Intervention / Culture Jamming (Thomas)
8) Identity
9) Telepresence and Surveillance
10) Hacking / Hactivism – Corporate Parody – Yes Men?
11) games (Ian Schreiber)
12) memes
13) medium as medium (web and games)
14) Objects – Shannon
15) Materials – Shannon
16) emergence

The goal is to have 13 air-able episodes.  I am aiming for a 6:40 Pecha Kucha at the beginning and a 23:20 follow-on.  My first challenge is getting the first one for DMA done starring yours truly.