Team Mustache Assemble!

Team Mustache is an elite production squad dedicated to the liberal application of mirth and merriment in educational lecture video.  The team draws its name from the fake mustache worn by the performer or the spy in an attempt to hide their identity or to distract the viewer from their person, to redirect it to something else of interest.

I got to tour the studio today and am working on my very first pecha kucha on digital media.  I also have to assemble the team of lecturers who have no doubt flown to the four winds, but thankfully I have all of fall semester to record my 13(16) videos.

Right now the teleprompter is the scariest part of the mix with the threat of having to produce from a script I have a tendency to wonder if it will flow or if I will look like more of an ass than usual.

The studio is now full with spring cleaning, and is in fact the studio used for the colleges update news.

And of course there is a full on chroma keyed bluescreen, the possibilities are endless.

The next up is to do the pecha kucha, then think about the lecture afterwards (23:15) to fit into the 29:55 chunk that will be our cable access playground.

So the call goes out to team mustache!  And we needs to put on a hustle.