June 30 reflection

So I managed to burp out a blog post for every day of June and it was a chore.   Far too often the posts were just weak or relatively meaningless, forced.  On occasion I ruffled some feathers, but I think there are feathers that need ruffling.

In trying a few other things in the month of June I got to watch all of my efforts peak and then crash.  Trying to eat healthier food ironically crashed at a Vegan restaurant where the chocolate desert gave me a headache just looking at it.  I guess in that case I wouldn’t have it any other way though as it was the high point of my Ohio visit. It was fun walking around Akron at night though too.

I also managed to miss one of my TechShop classes which I just noticed that I had scheduled for the morning after I got back into town.  I need to beg them to let me just reschedule.

I launched a couple of good project and have others that are keeping me pretty busy.  It was really hard to maintain the journaling and I need to figure out what the ROI is.

I tend to doubt I could do this during the semester.