I am trying to widen my circles and so am doing this ambitious ride after midnight. I am really happy riding after dark lately in that there is less traffic, it is cooler and so I bought a light.  My goal is to average between 12 and 14 mph during the ride.  It is 19.4 miles so that means (consulting the maths) it should be about a 90 minute ride if I am at 13 MPH average.  The route seems sorta silly and is in fact counter clockwise around SJ (which is where one of my tweetar comments comes from) but I am really interested in being able to bike up to or back from TechShop in Menlo park (about 27 miles).  Okay so 20 miles is NOT that far, but for me it will be an achievement.  I shall edit this after the fact to report what I did.  Here is the map:

I do actually prefer to end closer to home and am concerned that there will be a temptation to just ride back halfway through if I am getting tired.  Again this tried to follow bike trails and rides past the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum to boot.

Then, alas, I will have to finish my writing assignment from JP.

13.6 mph which is not bad for having neglected my bike for so long.