Learn to Play: Zer01 Program

ZER01 Program

During Friday September 17th and Saturday September 18th of the 01SJ Biennial we invite you to come to the Euphrat Museum of Art and Learn to Play. This is not merely a clever reference to the exhibition but an invitation to experience games that could change your life. It is an invitation to engage your creativity and design a game that has personal relevance. The invitation is open to family, friends and anyone who has a story to tell. Everyone who plays wins.

Our schedule of games include outdoor citywide games as well as an inspired collection of video and board games. We not only want you to be motivated by selected works from the Learn to Play exhibition but we want to give you a way to understand, explore and experience the thrill of telling a story in this medium.

The game challenge is about education, learning and most importantly fun. As an added bonus, however, some of the work created during the challenge could quite possibly be invited to join the larger exhibition.

Events start Friday after work and continue through Saturday evening. Anyone is welcome to jump in at any time. We will soon be announcing our schedule of workshops and tutorials on game creation software. Volunteers will be on call to help with game design and software basics. Everyone is encouraged to drop in and make a game.

Saturday will close with judging of entries and presentations from designers.

The whole program is updated here: http://learn.toplay.us