Pecha Kucha = Hell; and other production issues

Okay that may be a little extreme, but I am trying to develop a Pecha Kucha on Digital Media Art / New Media Art / Art and Technology and I am finding that it is very difficult.

Okay there are some extenuating circumstances.  I don’t think my lecture flows, it feels like a hodgepodge of facts when my intent is to make it more dense and fast paced.  The 20×20 format is a little oppressive if you haven’t done it before and even more so if you are trying to script it.  I feel like I took on too many things this time around.

Thankfully Teri and Keith are wonderful patient people and really only wanted to test the camera, the teleprompter (yikes!) and get me more use to being in the studio.  (I need team mustache here!)

The bluescreen was huge and reflected so much blue back into the space that they needed to color balance the whole operation.

This was my view (or pretty close).  What I had tried to do was sketch the pecha kucha, but what I ended up with was some weak notes and not being able to see my slides or the timing.  I will likely post some of the video which at this time I am sure has some factual errors that need to be ironed out.  The research end of this got blunted by the holiday and the fact that my internet went out on me at least once in the process.

I had to take a picture of the monitor (which I could also not see : – ) notice that I am actually facing the camera at the monitor and looking into the teleprompter.  you can’t see the amazing sheen that is my dome because it is washed out in the glow, but mah head is shiney!

Anyhow, it is back to the drawing board for the Pecha Kucha.  Well not exactly, I do have a giant chunk of it done, I just need to find a way to make it flow and have a decent rhythm to it.  I also have some fact checking to do and need to spec out the other 24 minutes of the lecture as and expansion of the PK.

My thinking is that if I can make the whole 30 minutes work, then the PK can stand on it’s own more and though it may need a little more refinement it is not meant to be an all encompassing explanation.  Also my subject may be overly broad to begin with and I think I need to find more student based examples for my slides though the professional ones are generally more sophisticated.

In reflecting on the process, I think I was doomed because of all of the unknowns.  “I learned something.” Which I equate to a salvaging of the situation, or to pain. The difficulty is that I need to find a way to make other people comfortable more quickly in this situation or I will end up having to create all of these lectures.  I don’t mind that but I really am interested in tapping the expertise of those around me to bring into my class.