Ride to Alviso

I talked to Shona on Thursday at the meet and greet for Miguela Palma and she said that she had ridden the Guadalupe river trail all the way up to Alviso, but that since she did it at sunset, she had a headwind all the way up there.  I scoped it out on the map and it was only 10 miles each way so I decided to take a crack at it.

route to alviso

I have to say that I am really impressed with this path, and even though there is construction, the detour seems reasonably marked at this point (which I don’t believe it was when I first rode it).  The ride alongside the airport is kinda boring, but I got to see the hands full on.  The trail changes from paved to dirt as you approach the airport and I think it was actually harder to ride than I am use to.

I was a little uncertain why I was doing it but then it hit me… and it was like I was out shooting pinholes again.  The ride was almost entirely into the sunset and I ended up finding a couple of insanely beautiful areas.  The one reminded me of my images in that I was getting 3 reflections off the water and then the sun itself, another was really about the trees and the uncanny green, and the final was next to the train tracks just short of the bay.  I may just have to go back, or drag Danielle up there as part of her triathalon training.