compie needs a boost

I am wrapped in my little nerd cocoon and wanting to update my machine.  I had a little money left over from the workshop I taught and so I am getting the 8gb memory upgrade for the lappie.  I hope this will be enough headroom to let vmware run nicely even with things like Champions, DDO and STO.  I am realizing that though I can run windows I really need to have something extra and with the recent refinements to VMWare, I am targeting memory.  I can really only give up a little more than 2 gigs to Windows at this time, MacOS takes up a giant chunk.  I need to find some way of slimming that down a bit too.

Aaaand of course windows is being bitchy. I have about 16 days before the license expires.  I wish it had been more verbal when I was installing it, but no. Now I have a 64 bit Pro license and am running 32 bit Pro. Incompatible, either that or my other license has been retracted, which I hope not.

Aaanyway that looks like it is going to be an entire re-install and download of my software if it will even work.

And now my DVD isn’t working right.  Looks like I will have to take it into the apple store (before I install ze ram).

Sometimes I wonder if this is all worth it, but then I play champs.