belated update and vacations

So I managed to blog every day of June and the first ten days of July which was a real feat.  I really believe that only about 30% of those posts are any good and that my subject varies so widely that there is no real audience for it either.  For the first time I have missed 2 days in a row and I am going to take that as a sign that my experiment has ended.

I do plan to to try to blog ARGFest as I think it will be an interesting experience, and when Danielle finally sends me the pictures I can also blog about the Inflatables Workshop we did on Monday.

At present I am at 31000 feet and checked in on foursquare. And I have had the most interesting experience with photobooth in that I cannot get it to not flash.  Weird.

Wait, internet to the rescue!  Hold the shift key when you click the camera button and there is no flash.  Then you won’t have to block it with a magazine and look like a freak like I did.

A few notes about transportation for this trip so far: DASH is completely annoying in that their signs don’t match their website, I need to look at this more closely but I suspect there is a difference in a summer schedule. Further it seems like the drivers don’t follow the schedule so good either.  I ended up running around downtown chasing after the DASH only to take an overpriced cab to the train station in time to watch my train pull out from the other track.   Most northbound trains leave from track 2 or 3 with the exception of 3 trains during the day that leave from track 4 or 5.  The tragedy is that I could have made the train if I hadn’t been in such a hurry and guessed.  Live and learn I guess.

I made it to the airport with plenty of time, the transfer from Milbrae to SFO is really quick and the airtrain to the terminal is pretty fast too.  Terminal 1 had some odd floor replacement going on which made us step outside and back in twice and again, but security was easy to get through and they didn’t even look under my clothes.

SFO is due to get free WiFi, and I talked to a lady in the airport that said she would fly through SJC because they already had it rather than SFO so she could get some work done.  I agree, and thinking of the $5 that I spent for WiFi for this trip doesn’t bother me, it is the frikkin’ $10 or more that they want in the airport.  Atlanta airport doesn’t have free WiFi either.