ARGFest 1: Interesting Background

Brekkie with Thomas upon arriving in Atlanta was particularly nice. I was so easily flummoxed by the waitrons and really by any questions because I had stayed up all night working on the airplane. In retrospect I would do it again.


We were joined by a celeb who I just have to say that I like, in fact the art in was really quite interesting, but the food was great and really hit the spot.


Other than being super tired all day and hyper critical of the conference things went really well. We met some interesting folks and later found out that Peggy Weil of Gone Gitmo was there, and that she was presenting. It was really wonderful to hear her questions during the panels and I am looking forward to the art angle during (today’s) session. The conference had setup a series of parallel tracks and Thomas and I had chosen to participate in the “Create an ARG to play this weekend” track. There were four people signed up and though that seemed intimate, we ended up rolling in about 10 minutes late to an empty room. Empty as in no facilitator either. I guess we were inspired because we decided to throw together an ARG.

I will probably post on it later, or even wait for the session to end (not that I am really worried about players catching vital info here). Suffice to say we wanted to do something that had a message, something about Atlanta, and something that would not take a lot of tending during the session. I think we hit on something but have literally only put about 90 minutes into it so far. It is nice though to work with someone you have worked with before as I think we temper each other pretty well.

We ended our day in the top floor of the W for a booze and schmooze. The place was stunning and we could see why the conference was so pricey.


We wound down chatting up a few people and deciding to collude with Peggy and Sara Thacher of She is so smart and totally dialed in to different aspects than Thomas and myself that I think this is gonna be a lot of fun, if not great.

I like this sort of low risk thing. No one is gonna say “man that story sucked for the 3 hours you put into creating it” however the thing does risk being under attended as there are only 30 or 40 people here, most of whom are from the “industry.”

So it is now 3:42 am and I am awake blogging because I cannot sleep. My clock is messed up and my rhythm is off, I miss my bike and my bed.

Sigh, but I would do it again. More tomorrow.