last night’s party and the aftermath in alviso

Hizuru and Ricky hosted a party last night at Casa Shatner.  It was advertised very late, but we still had a few people show up.  I have to confess that I like smaller parties because you actually get a chance to talk with everyone and the mess is just never as big : )

I streamed a little bit of it to ustream which was just freaky difficult to use.  There were times when the delay was over 5 minutes and I think our one viewer kept getting dropped streams. That and the new ad model where they drop in car ads and stuff at seemingly random times.  I may be switching to

There were a couple of really good conversations, one of my favorite was between art and design (now separate departments at SJSU) – the consensus is that we want to find a space to do open critique across departments, majors, etc.  It is ironic that the man who gave me the idea lost his job to politicking and that this really is his vision.  This is definitely something with potential.  I fear though that it may have to be  a Friday thing (which will make it difficult for Ms Jenene who works).

Jenene made her piña collada barbecue pineapples again and this time we used the “soakin’ rum” to make rum and cokes.  Tropical rum and cokes, maan that was pretty awesome.

Needless to say I had a few drinks and ate waay too much barbecue.  I figured I would pay for it today by riding back up to Alviso.  Ten miles each way with the wind blowing steadily at you on the way up makes for a challenging ride.  However, and much to my surprise this was the easiest trip I had mad.  I think I am getting use to it which is great news as I want to ride up to TechShop before the end of summer.

It was strange, I was sitting along the railroad tracks up in alviso looking at the blue of the sky and up rides a local.  “Don” was a little creepy, but friendly nonetheless.  He told me that about 20 minutes up the tracks is the ghost town I had heard about before.  I can’t find it on the map atm, and I haven’t been traveling with my camera… may have to change that soon.

Also, I am playing the blogging game with Kid Neutrino in August, and he already has a running start.  Ideally I will be dialing up the value… and I still have a bunch of Decom to do from conferences so I can balance with my boring life.


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    • I totally linked to you honey. I am thinking about making a laser painting called “james love thomas, but not in a gay way”

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