the unbearable lightness of CADRE

The word is not official yet but it looks like Hasan is going to UMD.  He has posted his plans to move on his Facebook page and given notice to John Loomis the (former) director of A&D. Frankly I am not surprised, he never seemed happy here and UMD is building an amazing program in the Digital Humanities and has lots of cash.

It seems that it could not have happened at a better / worse time.  The dissolution of the school of art and design into the art department and the design department, the dismissal of John as the director, the interim president of the university.  One wonders who will advocate for us, or who will have the chops to do so.

There is a plan afoot.  One that looks toward the future and embraces some of the failings within the department and makes things better for students in the major formerly (okay and currently) known as DMA. I haven’t much to say about it as of now, but will be trickling out details as they become more firm. I did say that we have a laser coming online in the fall, did I not?  Does that mean this is now an Evil Art Program ™??

Anyhow, we have seen the treasure trove of high quality milling and routing machines, as well as CNC devices to impress the heck out of everyone.  Beyond that there will be a TechShop in San Jose and there is talk of reviving the CADRE Institute.

This next semester is going to be Busy.