What is “Advanced Video” today and how does it relate to art?

With the recent changes in faculty at SJSU I now have the opportunity to teach the Advanced Digital Video class in the Fall.  I don’t want to sound under-prepared, but I have not got a syllabus for this class… yet.

My initial thoughts are dealing with structure and making sure there is plenty of lab and crit time during the semester.  Being a M/W class I am looking at dealing with technical skills, content, contemporary video art, IP/licensing and other issues on Mondays and having a Salon on Wed. Basically the desire would be to leverage small groups to do critique (using youtube) with rotating presenters every Wed.  If there are 4 groups then the 5th week could be a class crit.

I am also looking at work that pushes video into art, and new technologies like collaborative editing, DVD and blu-ray authoring and a few others.

If I am thinking abstractly, I guess I would consider 2-3 readings and a few active discussions about the medium.

This class is going to be a full blown studio class with a fairly high workload.  My experience with video is that it ALWAYS takes more time than you initially expect and that if you don’t want to just turn out a turd you have to do some planning, actually it seems like you can never do enough planning.

Take-aways: a respectable YouTube channel, and a DVD.

At this point I am battling low enrollment which needs to change or the class will get canceled.


4 thoughts on “What is “Advanced Video” today and how does it relate to art?

  1. Very cool, indeed! Can you take grad students in Library Science? I am happy to post this to our list of 6000 current and past students. I need to check also if this would count as an elective for our folks.

  2. So this is primarily for DMA art students, but I would be happy to have people with digital video experience. The course description is:

    Advanced exploration of digital video within the context of conceptual art practice. Focus on issues and applications of digital technology and critical thinking in art with specific focus on video, the Internet and alternative media applications. Course is repeatable for 6 units.

    Prerequisite: ART 101B or permission of instructor.

    Misc/Lab: Lab 9 hours.

    We will be using professional grade software (Premier Pro or Final Cut Pro) in this studio art class (6 hours a week in class) and there will be significant work outside. The one thing I know is that video takes a lot of time.

    We will spend time between considering the place of contemporary video (with an awareness of youtube), conceptual art as a foundation for video art practice, editing techniques, compresssion/distribution and interesting tools.

    If anyone is interested I am happy to talk to them directly (feel free to give them my email).


  3. Right – sounds like the prereqs would blow all but a few of our folks out. I will send potentials your way. It looks like they prolly wouldn’t get grad credit for electives.

    • Yes, this is not the intro class. A little background in art would help too, but I expect to have to do a lot of teaching around what video in art is.

      This would be a class for someone who wants to ratchet up their skills and make some art.

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