First Friday – A Misguide To

Finally back to first Friday! July was torturous without the art walk, and now it all starts up again.

I headed out to the Citadel for a barbecue and a little music. The space was jiggy in that most of the action took place on the long thin loading dock. The Boca’s where hot and the buns toasted. Los Hotbox played a pretty cool set too.

The ICA started up early, so I wanted to make sure I got there. Maan what an awesome show, or set of shows. I was trying to find a word for the analog interactive pneumatic-punk sculptures. And the photos were pretty terrific too. I guess now that all chemical processes are becoming alternative processes.

SJ Quilt had a pretty amazing show of textiles from Shaheen and the history of the Hawaiian print. Um okay I am not a fan of the Hawaiian shirt but the exhibition was beautiful and the dancers just made the evening.

Works had a ton of murals and documentation of a bunch more, including the ones on the side of AD : )

And then there was the street fair… I was worried at first about the traffic, and the way the fair was crowded earlier but works seemed kinda quiet. The street fair kept getting bigger and bigger until it must have just bust out because Works was overrun by 9 or 10 o’clock.

The street fair was pretty cool, it had its weird moments like when I wandered around for an hour without talking to anyone, but the artists in the booths to spending 15 minutes in one place and seeing 10 people I know one after another wander by.

I am always conflicted by the street fair, but always enjoy meeting the artists and talking with them.

Did I mention that the music was awesome too? RYKARDA PARASOL was amazing? The Nick Cave influence is pretty obvious but I noticed a little Concrete Blonde too.

I ended the evening by cutting through AD, because on my first attempt I ended up chatting up Brian and lost focus. WoW. Totally worth the trip, I wish I had the disposable income to buy one…