struggling with another call

This one is a bit on the tricky side, I am struggling with a second call for Learn to Play. What we want is a more diverse group of artists to (ideally) more closely mirror the community that we will be showing in. Industry just doesn’t get this and a lot of people on forums just sort of pantomime the “if it makes money it’ll get done” without looking at the history of racism, sexism etc etc within existing mediums.

My feeling is that the tools are ubiquitous, and the barrier to entry is going down, I mean for the love of gawd there is Wario Ware. So in my mind we are now looking for those voices because they represent a part of the rich cultural pastiche that should be providing stories for games. The simple solution would be to search outside the US, but I am not sure how well that will go.

The games industry is more or less aware of the lack of women and minorities that work on titles, but they are backed up by the parrots in marketing. Just wait for it, there is a “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” out there or even a “Blair Witch” that will get the industry “focused on new markets.” So for now we are looking for people who are starting to tell their stories.

Here is the raw text that is still full of angst and privilege:

The game industry is very heavily white male oriented, and the experience in blockbuster games and in conversations around these games reflects this.

Where are the indy game developers of color? Where are the queer game developers? The tools for game creation are nearly as ubiquitous as those for desktop video and will someday be as common as desktop publishing.

We need your help to locate people who are not being represented by the industry, we want to find and present these stories (as games) to a broader audience.

Below is the original call for Learn to Play, if you know someone who fits into the above categories and is using games to tell their story or to make art please send this to them and send their email, webspace or whatever.

Our approach to this is to look for people telling their stories. We feel that these are the avant-garde of the multicultural game experience.

I am passionate about the diversity of my community, but admit that I am but a white male trying to make a difference.

This needs editing, but I think it is expressive on its base.