Out of Town Visitors

Jill dropped by from Colorado and we talked about social media. It is nice to realize you have learned a few things. What I believe about social media:

1) Twitter and Facebook work well together, but post to one and read both. I post to twitter and read facebook.

2) Kickstarter uses community to raise money, you need to start big, work your networks, and have nice give-backs. Keep in touch, show progress.

3) don’t flood your channels, foursquare to twitter / facebook is fun, but don’t put it on automatic, because every post ain’t gold

4) watch quitr, watch who signs up under twitter, right now I am not looking for followers, but I am watching signups and quits. Right now the marketing droids are looking for followers to monitize — boooring.

5) I am not broadcasting, I am attempting to start a conversation. I reply to replies and @ when someone says something interesting. If you start following on twitter, let me know you are reading (by @’ing me) and I will read your feed. Don’t be offended if I don’t follow and don’t be offended if I stop following, I won’t. I know I spout a LOT of BS and that if there is anything worth reading in what I say it is buried in BS oh yeah and I can be overly chatty at times.

6) Social media is boring, marketing is evil. Genuine is interesting, passion is interesting, depth is interesting.