note to students

Dear DMA Student,

I know this is a lot, but there are HUGE opportunities coming up. Please read the whole email before you forget everything.

It was great to see everyone at the gathering on Saturday, and quite a lot of fun to have a guest artist of Miguel Palma’s stature to add to the conversation.

First Friday – Friday September 3, street fair and all galleries are free. My posse will be trolling and you are invited.

Zer01 – Get involved! Volunteer! I cannot emphasize enough that this is an opportunity to jumpstart your career and to meet people.  You NEED a plan to attend.  I shall be posting to the nlist but I think this can be massively socially awesome. Connect with me to connect to opportunities, this only happens every other year.

Global Warning Symposium – CADRE is sponsoring a symposium that includes artists and scientists considering the issue of global climate change and responses.  We need to turn out for this event as it is also quite reasonably priced. There are still volunteer opportunities as well that will get you in for free (Thu Sep 16 and Fri Sep 17).

Workshops – the number of workshops is dizzying and they all look great.  Meet artists who are part of the biennial and learn skills!  Most of them are free.  I will be posting the ones I am going to and invite everyone to do this as a great activity. My classes will also be going to these.

BFA meetup – it looks like more advising related to the BFA and considering projects is in order.  We will be forming a BFA meetup group to talk about issues and plans AFTER 01.  Stay tuned for more info.

Movie Night (after 01) – In an attempt to foster some community and have some fun we will also have a movie night in rm 241.  I am partial to Sci Fi, but this can really be anything and will be a chance to mix with other majors.

Wedding Game II : October 30 – As you know we DMA and Spatial are coming together.  What could be more fun than a wedding at an art gallery in costumes on Halloween? What could be more fun than a game too?

Nlist – The nlist was started a while ago to help us keep connected and has a lot of alumni and current students on it.  I reccommend that everyone sign up.  It is a pretty low traffic list too.

Twitter & FB – lastly I wanted to let you know that I am pretty chatty and pretty socially available.  You are welcome to connect via twitter or via Facebook (Rubaiyat Shatner).

Office Hours & Advising – This semester I shall have office hours from 1-5pm in Art 233, feel free to drop by. You are also welcome to make an appointment.

As always if you have any questions you may reach me via email as well.

James Morgan
CADRE Laboratory for New Media
Sculpture and Experimental Media